Konya Commodity Exchange

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Konya Commodity Exchange

Konya Commodity Exchange is one of the oldest Commodity Exchange. Firstly having established in 1912, but its activity stopped due to the first world war, Konya Commodity Exchange was re-opened by a decree which was signed by the great leader of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 24.10. 1924 with the decree of 1041. This is one of the first established Commodity Exchange ruled by Gevrakizade Mustafa (Chairman), Mısırlızade Hacu Haydar, Termiyecizade Mehmet, Küpeli Hacı Mehmet, Aşcızade Mustafa Çavuş, Kalaycızade Ahmet Çavuş and Captain Hamit.

After 27 years in 1950 – 1961 they have founded a chance to establish a specail building. Till this time they had worked under very difficult conditions.

This first building used till 1977, but the new developments and the necesities of the age made this building unsufficent and in 1977 Konya Commodity Exchange started to serve in its new building in new wheat Bazaar of Konya.

From this time Konya developed and the needs of the region increased day by dat. KEC had seen this needs and planned to built a new centre for Commodity Exchange and Grand Wheat Bazarr. With the leadership of KEC 274.000m2 land had been purchased and plans had mad efor a new and modern building and wheat bazarr.

Its planned that the farmers and producers could easly meet on the new place so in 1997 KEC had started to servet the Producer and buyer in new and arrayed with the latest technological equipments. And designed suitable for hall sales system.

The articles like grains, pulses, cumin, fenugreek, soapwort, textile raw materials, live stock products, raw leathers, oil seeds and fruit kernels constitute the agricultural and bestial products being transected in the Konya Commodity Exchange where the grain-sellers, pulse-sellers, fodder suppliers, Merchant of the live stocks and fatteners, butchers, Merchant of wool, spring wool and angora, raw-leather dealers, flour producers, producers of eggs, cheese, vegetable oils, grains of other types are also included.

Having been active since 1997 in the new building which was constructed according to the conditions of the age in the Grand Wheat Bazaar, we are in the service of our dealers, farmers and villagers. Taking the services in-place to Sarayönü, Kadınhanı, Kulu, Yunak, Beyşehir, and Çumra counties with 6 registration offices to our framers and villagers, Konya Commodity Exchange has increased its servicing network also with 3 scale-buildings, spring wool and egg registration Office inside the Grand Wheat Bazaar, live stock registration Office built inside the Konet plants and the biggest grain storing plants of Turkey. Taking place among the first 3 stock exchanges whose trade volumes are high, Konya Commodity Exchange is the stock exchange to speculate the most developed cash-flow stock exchange in Turkey and is an authority on grains in the country.

All the dealings are executed in the computer mediated conditions in the stock exchange and the products received from three different points by means of automatic sample devices are taken to the physical analyze laboratories right before the sale and sent to the Sales room with the analyze report extracted from here. The sales which are broadcast through 6 42-inch plasma and 12 m² projection screens are done through by the public auction way. The prices discovered at the end of the open cry are daily given to the Reuters Agency and they are published.